2020 Cotter Roesbowl

Morning Tea from 9.15am

Tee Off 10.00am


Handicap Indices for this Competition are up to 40.4.

The competition shall be 18 hole foursomes stableford. The Rosebowl shall be awarded to the team with the highest aggregate points.
Each team shall consist of three foursome pairs, i.e. six players. There is no restriction on handicap index combinations.
The Comp shall be played in accordance with NZG foursomes regulations, scoring Stableford points on half of combined course handicaps.

All team members must be playing members of the Club they represent.
The Teams will play in order of combined handicaps indices.

Lists of teams with players’ handicap indices shall be sent to the Host Club Secretary no later than one week before the day set down for play.
the Host club shall prepare the draw.
In the event of a tie, the holders shall be decided by count back.