Dot Golf App

Using the DotGolf App

The DotGolf App can be used for registering upon arrival at a golf facility and can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices. All golfers must register for contact tracing purposes. This can be done by following the below steps:

  • After downloading the app, golf facility users can either use their seven-digit member login details or select guest.
  • When arriving at a facility, you must use the ‘Check-In’ feature and fill in your personal details (this will be empty if you are visiting as a guest). If you are at home and simply want to book a tee time, you’ll click ‘I am not on-site, I am just using the app’ button that appears below ‘I have arrived on-site, and need to Check-In’ button.
  • After tapping the ‘Check-In’ button, you are required to select the golf club you will be using, select the purpose of your visit, and then click save.
  • You’re able to confirm that you’ve completed the ‘Check-In’ process by tapping on ‘More’ which will verify the time you checked-in.
  • If you need to check-in another person, tap ‘More’ and select ‘Check-In’ to complete the process using their details.

Checking-in using the DotGolf App is that easy!

To download the DotGolf App, click HERE

More information

For an instructional video on how to use the DotGolf App, click HERE