Ready Set Golf schools programme

Are your students keen to try something different?

How about golf?

Ready Set Golf is a fun programme which contains all the elements of golf, but in a modified form that is safe, easy to learn and can be played anywhere - inside or outside. 

The programme is suitable for students in Years 3-8 and includes 4 x 45 min sessions at school. A fun follow up session at a local golf club provides students with the opportunity to bring all their skills together to play a modified form of golf. They can also find out where and how they can keep playing golf. 

Ready Set Golf was developed in partnership with New Zealand Golf and has been successfully piloted with 800 students from across the Wellington region with support from Sport Wellington and Kiwisport. The programme cost is $6 per student, which includes 4 school based sessions and a session at a local golf club. Transport to and from the club is provided.

Ready Set Golf

  • Focuses on developing the basic skills used in golf, such as hand eye coordination and balance
  • Uses targets to help young people develop their aim and accuracy
  • Develops fundamental movement skills such as manipulation (striking with an implement) and stability/rotation
  • Gives students the confidence to participate in a wide range of sports and recreational activities
  • Includes a range of short skills based games which engage and include all young people
  • Uses specially designed equipment and training tools to ensure safety and simplify learning
  • Allows golf to be learned easily with immediate, positive results

If you are keen to find out more and bring Ready Set Golf to your school, please register your interest here.